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Learn how we brought new customers to a Gungahlin business with a customised web design.

DAWA Cabling Solutions Pty Ltd is a telecommunications service provider with 15+ years of experience, based in the thriving Gungahlin area in ACT. With the business slowing down after COVID, David, the owner, contacted us to help him establish a new online presence.

The goal: promote the company’s exceptional service to new customers searching online for what David and the team do the best: data cabling, TV antenna installations and TV wall mounting across Canberra and the Australian Capital Territory region.

The outcome: By the time DAWA Cabling finishes paying for the website build, the new work opportunities brought by the website will more than cover the expense.

Web design Gungahlin: David, standing on the roof with antenna and digital spectrtum analyser, is excited about his new website already bringing customers.
David is happy that the new web design for his Gungahlin business already brings new customers.

Customised Gungahlin website design

Starting from scratch and creating a new online presence for a local business is always a challenge. It is also an exciting time for us, as we learn all about the customer and their services. After half a day’s session over more than one coffee, we knew all about data cabling, TV wall mounting and antenna installations. Not only that, we knew why customers love DAWA Cabling, and why they come back – all the important facts to be promoted on the new customised website.

Strategising for website success

Armed with all the information about David’s Gungahlin business and an in-depth analysis of local competitors‘ websites, we developed the strategy and structure for the website. With intensive SEO keyword research, we found the best terms that DAWA Cabling customers use to search online for the services David and the team offer.

Reimagining online presence in Gungahlin

With the groundwork plan done, we have engaged our native Australian writer to provide unique SEO content for all the website pages.

We had some fun balancing on the roof to get original photographs and complemented those with high-quality stock photos.

We have designed an original website using the brand colours expertly matched to the colours on David’s company shirt. As with any website we build, it is optimised for speed and is mobile-friendly – folding nicely to fit any size screen.

Responsive web design for Canberra cabling in Gungahlin shown on different screen size devices - desktop, laptop, table, mobile

Measurable website build results

A small but important part of the website build we do is a configuration of Google Analytics and Google Search console. This gives both us and David’s Gungahlin business a tool to measure exact website performance – how many visitors are coming to the website and how many calls are made from the website. This provides a good measurable return on the website investment.

Notable outcomes for the Gungahlin business

It generally takes close to 6 months for a brand-new local business website to rank, depending on the competitiveness of the niche. However, we are happy to report that less than two months in, David is already getting client calls from his new website. The website keeps climbing up in the search results, with three main search terms already ranking on page one

We are excited that at BAM Web Design we could set a new milestone for DAWA Cabling Solutions, ultimately luring more leads from Canberra and Queanbeyan region to their Gungahlin business through a well-designed and optimised website.

What is even more exciting, is that by the time DAWA Cabling finishes paying for the website build, the new work opportunities brought by the website will more than cover the expense. Call that a return on investment.

By the time DAWA Cabling finishes paying for the website build, the new work opportunities brought by the website will more than cover the expense.

Graph from Google Analytics showing Call button clicks on a new website over time
After only two months, the website already generates leads: Google Analytics graph showing when the “Call us” button was clicked. In a few more months, the graph will get thicker.
Google Search Console graph showing search performance of a new website design for Gungahlin client
Search Console graph showing a steadily increasing number of search impressions and average position in the search – a good sign of the website working its way up the search results leader.

Customer Review

I have used BAM Web Design to develop my business website. Blanka & Miro offered exceptional services, are very professional and helpful during the whole process. Strongly recommend it!

David Flekr from DAWA Cabling Solutions

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BAM Design is your one-stop shop for web design in Gungahlin

At BAM Web Design, we pride ourselves on ensuring our clients’ digital success by offering an all-inclusive web design package.

For DAWA Cabling Gungahlin web design and new website build, we took care of all the technical aspects, including domain registration, web hosting, web design and development. We also created all unique and original content, focusing on the services and priorities discussed with the business owner at the start. Both texts and images are fully Search Engine Optimised for both content and speed.

To round off the package and boost the online footprint of the local Gungahlin business, we have created a Google My Business Profile for the company and submitted their new website to local directories.

But even that is not the end – we also guarantee optimal performance of their website with six months of website tuning and support.

Meeting with David in Gungahlin cafe to review the website design
Monthly follow-up meeting in Gungahlin, ACT, strategising on the web design and performance over a good coffee.

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