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Same as your car, house, or garden, even your website needs some maintenance, love and care to look goodload fast, and most importantly these days, stay secure.

With our website maintenance services, you can leave the technicalities of running your website to us, and focus on running and growing your business. The savings in time and stress are well worth the small expense.

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Website maintenance packages

You focus on running your business – we focus on running your website

Our website maintenance packages take care of all the aspects of running your website, including regular monitoring, website backups, website security and updatesperformance tuning and more.

We know what it takes to maintain a website. We understand and actively use the WordPress platform daily – we’ve been running websites on WordPress for over 10 years now. Not only that, our own site – the very site you are reading – is on WordPress. We are happy to keep your website up and running in top shape too.

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WordPress Care Plans

We offer two WordPress care plans that allow you to outsource the day-to-day running of your WordPress website.

Save yourself the hassle of checking regularly for WordPress updates, troubleshooting the plugin updates breaking your site design and the nasty surprises of getting hacked when you neglect the regular security updates.

Spend the time on what you do best – focusing on your business, and let us do what we do efficiently and best – maintaining the website for you. The small cost is well worth the savings in time and stress.

Essential WordPress Care Plan

The bare essentials WordPress monthly maintenance package that will keep your website running smoothly and securely.

Included in the Essentials care plan are:

  • WordPress core updates (when released)
  • Weekly theme & plugin updates
  • Weekly offsite backup
  • Website uptime monitoring
  • Up to 1 hr/month of troubleshooting issues caused by updates or general WordPress support
  • Monthly maintenance report

Standard WordPress Care Plan

Keep your website loading fast with monthly database cleanups and image optimisations. Stay safe with daily backups.

Everything in Essential Package plus:

  • Daily offsite backups
  • Performance monitoring (site speed against Google Web Vitals criteria)
  • Regular monthly database cleanup to keep your website running fast
  • Regular monthly image optimisation of new uploads
  • Up to 2 hrs/month of troubleshooting, performance tuning or WordPress support

Both of our WordPress Care plans will maintain your website updated to the latest version of WordPress core, plugins and themes. You will have access to the latest WordPress features, but most importantly, your website will be secure with up-to-date vulnerability patches and bug fixes.

Regular backups are also included for the times when any updates do not go to plan.

Website Hosting and Domain Name Registration

All services under one roof

For your convenience and to provide the complete service, we also offer website hosting services. We can manage your domain registrations, as well as host the website for you.

That way, all the technical aspects of running your website are on us, leaving you focused on running your business, rather than waiting in a queue for offshore technical support.

Please note that we only offer web hosting as an add-on to our WordPress Care plans – we do not offer stand-alone web hosting services.

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Fast Australian web hosting

Our hosting is in a Sydney-based data centre, to provide the best speed for Australian small business websites.

We use a premium web hosting service. Compared to the basic cheap shared web hosting your website will have access to three times more computing resources – which means another boost to your website speed.

Bonus for loyal customers

If you sign up for 12+ months of web hosting, we will transfer your website from the current web host for free and cover the domain registration cost for the year.

Email on your domain

Our web hosting plans also include custom email hosting on your domain – e.g.

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Our website maintenance takes care of the “internet stuff”.
Save yourself time and hassle to focus on your business.

Question markFrequently asked questions

What is website maintenance?

Website maintenance is a set of tasks performed on a regular schedule to keep your website up-to-date, functional, and secure. As modern websites are usually dynamic, they need to be updated regularly to add new features and fix bugs, but more importantly to patch discovered security vulnerabilities. On top of regular updates, website maintenance also usually includes:

  • Regular backups, to provide recovery, should the worst happen to your site
  • Performance monitoring and regular tuning to keep your website running fast.
  • Regular content updates to keep the information on your website relevant and attractive to your visitors.
  • Ongoing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tuning of your content to keep your site found on the top pages of Google.
Why do I need website maintenance?

Same as your car, house, or garden, even your website needs some ongoing love and care to look goodload fast, and most importantly these days, stay secure.

Modern websites are usually dynamic Content Management Systems (CMS), such as WordPress. This means you can easily update the content on your website without any knowledge of coding, HTML, CSS, PHP or any other acronyms. The disadvantage of CMS systems is they need to be updated regularly. Updates add new features and fix any existing bugs and problems. But most importantly, regular security updates are required to patch any discovered security vulnerabilities – to prevent your website from getting hacked.

How long does maintenance take on a website?

Website maintenance, when done regularly, does not cause much website downtime. For WordPress sites, individual plugin updates take generally less than a minute, often 30 seconds or less. Automated core WordPress updates, when the entire installation is being updated, will usually take less than 5 minutes on a fast web server. While your installation is being updated, your website visitors will see a maintenance page, encouraging them to refresh the site shortly.

Website backups will usually take 5-30 minutes to run, depending on the size of your website – the larger the website, the longer it takes. Regular database cleanups usually run for 5-10 minutes if done regularly. Both of these tasks run in the background, meaning your website is still accessible to visitors during maintenance.

If you have neglected your website maintenance, it can take significantly longer to install multiple updates. Also, the chances of your website breaking are much higher if there is a significant difference in versions or functionality since you last updated your site. Last but not least, the risk of getting hacked goes through the roof if you are running outdated components with known security vulnerabilities.

If something bad happens and your website needs to be completely restored from a backup, it can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes for an online backup restore, and up to several hours for a manual restore from an offline backup, depending on the size of your site. During that time, your website will be down, with no notification to your visitors.

What is a website maintenance plan?

A website maintenance plan is a bundle of services that take care of the day-to-day running of your website, conveniently packaged together at a competitive price.

It allows you to outsource the technical and content maintenance of your website and spend time focusing on your business. The cost of website maintenance is usually well worth the savings in time and stress.

What is included in website maintenance?

Regular website maintenance tasks can be split into two main areas – technical maintenance and content maintenance.

Technical maintenance includes:

  • Software updates: Regular software updates add new features and fix any software bugs. An important subtype of software updates is security updates to remove any security vulnerabilities.
  • Backups: You need a regular backup of your site and database, to provide recovery, should the worst happen to your website – any part gets accidentally deleted, or files get corrupted.
  • Performance monitoring and tuning: as the site grows and you keep adding content, it might become slower. Regular database optimisations, cleanups of temporary files and image optimisation will keep your website running fast.

Content maintenance consists of:

  • Content updates: Regularly updated content provides up-to-date and relevant information about your business to your visitors. Interesting new content will keep them coming back.
  • Search Engine Optimisation: Ongoing SEO tuning will keep your site on the front pages of Google as your competition gets better. A fine-tuned, well-structured website with fresh content has a better chance to stay at the top. The longer you stay at the top, the harder it becomes to de-throne your website!